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Ventura County Blower Door Test

Protect your Ventura County air conditioning bill by diagnosing the tightness of your home.
Saticoy Blower Test
Troy R Helton Jr offers our Ventura County area customers blower door testing to measure the air tightness and energy efficiency of their homes. A properly sealed home or office building will decrease energy consumption and be more comfortable. If your home is not sealed correctly, you could be spending a significant amount of extra money on heating and air conditioning.

How is a blower door test performed?

A blower door test is performed using a diagnostic tool that mounts into the frame of an external door in your home. This doorway tool has a large variable speed fan that is used for the testing. With all the windows shut, the fan is turned on, pulling air out of the house, which changes the air pressure. Once this happens, outside air will begin to flow through any unsealed openings. Then with the right tools we are able to measure and determine the tightness and efficiency of your home.

To perform a blower door test, Troy R Helton Jr uses a calibrated variable speed doorway fan. An uncalibrated doorway fan can only identify leaks, and not measure the overall tightness of your home.

Indoor Air Quality

When evaluating the energy efficiency of your home, we also need to cover indoor air quality, as the two go hand in hand. The tighter and more efficient your home is, the more polluted your indoor air can become. Why? Because things like air borne toxins, pet dander, viruses, mold and bacteria become trapped and recycled throughout your home. When you use toxic cleaners in the bathrooms or kitchen, some that is released into the air. Bacteria and mold can also make their way in. Fumes from new paint, etc.

The good news is there are indoor air quality products that can not only filter and kill even the flu virus, but exchange stale air for fresh outdoor air, monitor humidity levels and protect your HVAC system from mold. As your trusted Ventura County air conditioning contractor, we offer ventilators, air cleaners, UV lights and whole house humidifiers to literally transform your indoor air quality.

For further information about indoor air quality, visit our Ventura County indoor air quality page. To find out more on having a blower door test performed on your home, simply call us at (866) 901-9323, or use our online form to schedule the service or request an estimate: Ventura County HVAC Service
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